Meet Aggie

I was born and given the name Linda June – Aggie L. Jae is my pen name, given to me by my two grandsons — on a pretty, rain-showery day in the month of April, 1955 in Pottstown Pennsylvania. Over the years, the people, places, and events of my life would inspire my journey in writing The Water Door.

Coming in 2023

“WHAT’S FOR FOOD?” a new cookbook with recipe instructions on how to make the many delicious and fantastic foods – earthly and unearthly – found in the Water Door!

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Well, it’s not so much of a WHAT as it is a WHO. When I was small, by father would put me to bed and tell me wonderful stories. He even acted them out. As I grew up, I realized that he had made up those stories. It is because of my father, and how he encouraged me to stretch out my own imagination, that I knew I could make up wonderful stories, too.
Yes, I was! I still am! LOL
From my own imagination, but mostly from science. I thought since the world is about seventy-five percent water and the human body is about sixty-five percent water, there could possibly be some kind of connection. As I began writing The Water Door, I created a family who had the ability to dissolve into water. Then I imagined a secret place for them to dissolve into -- a hydro-portal! It was a mystical door of water that was connected to a wormhole in space. I hid this portal/door on the family’s farm. I also created the energy needed to push or nudge them into the door. The Nudge would push them to the portal and then dissolve and flow them through the water door, into the wormhole, through space and onto a planet called Tetherae, and back again.
I love taking care of my three old cats, Frank is 22 years old, Tiggie Tiger is 18, and Mitch is 12. I also enjoy indoor and outdoor gardening. I especially like collecting different colors of Zugo Cacti or Christmas Cacti as they are commonly called. Mine like to bloom all year long!
No. However, just like Jeremy and Joshua, I grew up spending a lot of time on my grandparent’s farm, AND I wasn’t allowed to go near the springhouse on the property because of the wasps and snakes!
Yes! If you want to find out what it’s about, you will find a BIG clue at the end of The Water Door!
Being friends with my imaginary characters and sharing their adventures on Tetherae. I truly had a lot of fun creating that otherworldly planet with its people and their castles, treehouses, caves and best of all – dinosaurs!
Read. I suggest reading different kinds of books to figure out which ones you like the best. Then, find a quiet spot to sit and daydream about what it would be like to be your favorite character in your favorite book. Write your ideas down and keep them in a scrapbook to save them for when you are ready to write. I have notes about The Water Door dating back to the summer of 1972. I was seventeen. Clipping pictures from magazines is fun, too!
Absolutely nothing! I LOVE to write!
Louis Sacher (Holes, Fuzzy Mud) Kate Milford (Green Glass House), Watt Key (Hideout, Four Mile, Terror at Bottle Creek), Ivy Ruckman (Night of the Twisters), Katie Slivensky (The Seismic Seven, The Countdown Conspiracy), and Jeanne DuPrau (The City of Ember Series).
Not at all! What other job can transport you and your make-believe friends to another planet full of fun adventures? Writing is fabulous!
Anne McCaffrey. She wrote The Dragonriders of Pern.
I have enjoyed reading adventure books all my life. I still do! I also like to read books about science and nature. I love a good mystery, too! I am known to take my time to scour a bookstore, or an antique store until I find my treasure -- an old mystery book written by a forgotten author.


Collect Your Treasures from Tetherae!

Immerse yourself in the world of The Water Door by collecting your own treasures and toys from the planet Tetherae.