March 16, 2023

COMING SOON in 2023!

Aggie L. Jae


The Water Door and I had an absolutely STRATUS year in 2022!

We attended several fantastic outdoor events in Rock Hall, Maryland, such as the infamous Pirates & Wenches Festival, super fun Fall Fest, brand new Scrapple Festival sponsored by the Rock Hall Fire Department, and the Downtown Rock Hall Holiday Market. We also attended the Apple Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville, Delaware.

The official launch of the Water Door was held in Lewes, Delaware in October at the popular art studio of my dear friend, artist Abraxas Hudson.  I have collected Brax’s paintings for decades, so he was my first choice to do the cover art for the Water Door! He made it amazing! 😀 Please check out his website at —

WHAT’S COMING in 2023?

WHAT’S FOR FOOD? A Gathering of Recipes Foraged from the Pages of the Water Door!

YES!  I am doing a cookbook with quick and easy recipes for you and a friend, parent, or grandparent to make, like Gramma’s Tea or Cinnamon Toast! With each recipe, you will also discover secrets, not found in the Water Door, about Jeremy, Josh and their family — OR — how about a recipe for food from another planet, like the Mystery Meat Stew that Toz cooks in the treehouse on the planet Tetherae? What kind of meat would YOU use in YOUR stew on Tetherae?  Can you find PURPLE POTATOES, PURPLE ONIONS, and PINK CARROTS on Earth? You will have to cook it yourself to find out!

Guess what else? 

Well, I am working on the second book in the Water Door series!  The Water Door Book 2 — The Secret of the Anakim Ruby!  It’s about the new adventures of Jeremy, Josh, and their family! Here’s a little story introduction just for you!

While vacationing high up in the northern mountains of Montana and Canada, the family is searching for their Uncle Bernard, Grampa’s older brother, who decided to live alone in the wilderness years ago. Hidden in his pocket, Josh has the ruby that his Anakim friend, Omer, gave him on Tetherae. 

One day the family is enjoying a treacherous hike on a remote mountain trail. As they walk deeper into the dark forest, it becomes obvious that they are not alone! Someone, or something is following them and when Grampa mysteriously disappears, the desperate search for him, Uncle Bernard, andthe someone else (?becomes scarier and more dangerous! 

Who or what took Grampa? Where is Bernard? What about Josh’s ruby? Will he find Omer’s father? You will find the answers to these questions when you read — The Secret of the Anakim Ruby!

Check out the EVENTS page for more in person events and a PODCAST coming soon!

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