A fantastic adventure awaits in the water between two worlds!

Imagine this: Your parents have been kidnapped and the only way to rescue them is by dissolving yourself into the water of a secret intergalactic hydro-portal and flowing to another planet to retrieve a legendary blue diamond. Are you ready to go?

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What people are saying about The Water Door:

"A fantasy epic of brothers and their family with a strong current and much heart. Jae conjures tantalizing mysteries, buoyant humor, and a potent current of suspense as the brothers face their family's weird secrets and the dangers of the planet Tetherae, which boasts a menagerie of dinosaurs, creepy creatures, marauding giants, and near-relations with sneaky agendas, all in order to recover a diamond of legend that, in our world, is the price to save the brothers kidnapped parents."

"To venture into a world from the imagination of Aggie L. Jae is always a journey worth taking. She finds magic everywhere around us and makes us believe in it."
David Rambo
Playwright, screenwriter and producer

"I adored how this journey encompassed the entire family. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and grandchildren were all involved. The story was also suspenseful. I never knew what would happen next! The spectacular adventures the family underwent kept me glued to the novel."
"Please tell me you are writing part 2!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and hope you continue writing more. I definitely want to read about the journey to find Owen's father, and the boys need to go back to Tetherae to explore more of the plant."
Tammy Williamson
Apple Scrapple Festival Trade Show Coordinator

"I picked up your book at the Georgetown Book Festival last weekend for my son and I wanted to pop you a note to let you know how much he is enjoying it! He says it is easy to read (he has a visual impairment) but mostly he can sense how much YOU enjoyed writing it! I’m so happy I took a chance on The Water Door. We’ll be sure to leave a review when he’s finished reading it!"
Maria Dorsch

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Review for the Water Door

Review for the Water Door


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